Do foggers / bug bombs kill bed bugs?

There's no clear answer to this question, because you will hear pest control companies argue both sides of it and there haven't been any real studies done to show the effects. It's clear that the chemicals in foggers / bug bombs will kill bed bugs. Most use Pyrethrum, which is an insecticide that definitely will kill bedbugs. The problem? Many pest control professionals believe that using fog, and this chemical specifically, will kill some of the bed bugs but cause others to flee through the walls. This is a huge problem if you are fogging in an apartment complex or a hotel, two of the locations where you're most likely to find an infestation. The fear is that you will just cause them to spread to adjacent rooms and actually worsen the infestation. Once the fog wears off, they'll just crawl right back in - and now you've got separate infestations in all the nearby rooms as well. It's also not clear that fog can get into all the cracks that a bed bug can hide in.


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I would recommend that you avoid using foggers on bed bugs. Definitely don't do it yourself. A pest control company might want to use it, and that can be OK if you're in a house where they can't spread anywhere else, but I would be very reluctant to use fog in any other environment.

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