Did I get bed bugs because I didn't keep my house clean?

No. This is an urban legend - people tend to think that bed bugs are attracted to people with poor hygiene or houses that are left in a mess. It doesn't matter how spotless your place is. An infestation can occur anywhere, and cleaning up won't help prevent them.


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The important thing to remember here is a warning for travelers. It doesn't matter how fancy your hotel is, or how clean it looks - bed bugs aren't attracted to dirt, they want people. There's obviously some correlation - a run-down hotel is less likely to pay to get them removed. But you can't just look at a place and tell that it's safe. And no matter how much you clean your own house, you won't get rid of them. They can hide in tiny crevices of your furniture or other belongings, and they'll keep after you until you get them treated.

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