What do I do if I'm renting a house or apartment with bedbugs?

There's more advice elsewhere on the site, but there's one key rule if you are a renter that you MUST adhere to: ALWAYS talk to your landlord before doing anything on your own.


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Why? Because you might do something that would give your landlord an excuse not to pay for treatment. Doing something on your own always carries a risk that you will spread the bedbugs (foggers are notorious for doing this) or make your problem worse. Some places have local regulations that require certain types of treatments. If you try to do it yourself, your landlord may latch onto that and say that whatever you did is actually what's responsible for the problem. So always make sure you have at least talked to them and informed them of what you're planning to do.

There are some things where you're much less likely to run into a problem - cleaning, mattress covers, etc. are hard for anyone to put the blame on you for doing, unless you are moving stuff around out of the infested rooms in a way that could spread the bedbugs. But using any kind of chemical, pesticide, or other treatment on your own is something I would really watch out for. In some places, your landlord is on the hook for treatment under the law. I'm not your lawyer and can't tell you exactly what your local law is - but if they are on the hook, you don't want to do something that would let them off.

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