Black Walnut Dust

Black Walnut is a type of hickory tree native to North America. It produces walnuts that people eat and the leaves are often made into a type of tea. A lot of people have promoted it as a natural remedy for bed bugs - but does it work?


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I've found at least one person reporting that it does in fact work in their experience. There's at least a plausible way this could be true - the black walnut tree secretes a chemical called Juglone. It can be fatal to nearby plants, and horses can get seriously ill from touching it. The problem? So can some people. Some people are allergic to it, and can have a negative reaction. It can also cause problems for pregnant women, who aren't supposed to be around it.

My suggestion would be to avoid this one. It could well work - but there is something just as effective - food grade diatomaceous earth - which doesn't cause allergic reactions and doesn't have any toxic chemicals in it. Remember - just because something is natural doesn't mean it's automatically good or safe. Many people eat foods derived from the black walnut tree, but it's a known allergen and if it does kill bed bugs, it would be because of a chemical that harms at least some mammals.

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