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The ClimbUp Insect Interceptor from Susan McKnight Inc creates a physical obstruction for bed bugs attempting to climb from the floor onto your bed. When insects approach the device, they will attempt to scale a pre-lubricated exterior structure and, subsequently, drop into an area of containment in the center. To use the Insect Interceptor, move furniture away from the walls and unplug any cords that may lead from the wall to the bed. Place each furniture leg in the middle part of an interceptor, and allow them to work for 14 days. 


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Does it work?

The Climb Up Insect Interceptor is patent-pending, and there is little information available directly from consumers on its level of effectiveness. However, Susan McKnight Inc. released a document informing patrons of various potential pitfalls related to use and fit in particular. The device should be used as a means of identification of infestation rather than as a treatment. If detected further measures, in the form of professional pest-control services or do-it-yourself treatments, will be necessary to remedy the issue. Furniture with wider legs may not fit into the center portion of the interceptor. Additionally, if the fabric trim of your furniture cannot be tucked in to avoid contact with the floor, the device may not be effective.

It's still a good option even if it can't get rid of an infestation - many people aren't really sure whether they even have an infestation or not. Bed bugs are great at hiding - but they have to crawl around, and if you've got them, you'll catch a few in this device.

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The market price is $59.95 for a 12-pack.

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