Should I evacuate my home if I have bedbugs?

No, this isn't necessary and isn't going to do anything about your problem. First of all, bed bugs aren't harmful other than irritating you. Unless you have a severe allergic reaction to the bites (this is extremely rare) you aren't going to have any health problems from them, just a whole lot of annoyance. So you don't need to go someplace else unless you just can't stand the biting anymore. Keep in mind if you do, though, that there is always a risk of spreading bed bugs if you're staying someplace else. They can hitch a ride in your clothes, your luggage, or anything else you take with you.

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As far as whether leaving is a good way to get rid of them, it won't work. A bed bug can live for up to six months without biting anyone. Even if you left your house for longer than that, they often survive anyway by feeding off mice. You're going to have to have a pest control company come in if you want to get rid of them.

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