Hot Shot No-Pest Strips

Manufactured by Schultz, Hot Shot No-Pest Strips work to protect your home from infestation of both flying and non-flying insects. Either hang the apparatus on a wall using the hook provided or place it on a flat surface out of reach of children and domestic animals. One strip will protect a 12 by 12 room with 8-foot ceilings for up to 4 months. Because it contains 18% Dichlorvos (DDVP),  an odorless chemical, the product is intended for areas not regularly inhabited such as garages, basements, and other storage spaces. The EPA rates Hot Shot Pest-Strips at a level 3, which indicates a low level of toxicity. It may be hazardous to humans and domestic animals with frequent exposure to skin or if ingested.  

The market price is $113.88 for a 12 pack.


Basic Info About Bedbugs

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Does it work?

Most consumer reviews indicate that the product serves its purpose. It does not expel strong smelling odors and is simple to install. For bed bugs, it's iffy - you can't really use it out in your bedroom, but you can use it in a lot of places where you might get them from (i.e., any place they could crawl over form an adjacent housing unit).

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