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For consumers concerned with chemical sensitivity or toxicity, Kleen Free provides a way to treat for bedbugs without worrying about the impacts of pesticides. Manufactured by Ginesis, a company that exclusively markets all-natural products, this spray is composed of naturally occurring enzymes including protease, amylase, cellulose, and lipase. For 32 oz, the list price is $44.95, however sever websites offer discounted promotions.


How Kleen Free Works

 Insects like bedbugs have a protein-rich outer skeleton. When the active enzymes found in Kleen Free are introduced they work to break down this layer, much in the same way enzymes in our bodies work to help us digest food. Once this layer is shed the insect cannot continue to function biologically.   To use the product, add 8 oz of water per 1 oz of enzyme solution, then treat the affected areas of your home. Because itís completely natural, you can use this product for an variety of purposes aside from treating at the source. For example, you can use it to wash clothes and linens in the affected areas of your home, to sterilize carpets, and even as an anti-itch agent on bites.

Does it work?

Consumer reviews indicate that Kleen Free works well as a spot treatment to kill bed bugs on contact. However, several users report that the product does not sufficiently cure infestation unless combined with a stronger product that works for the long-term.   Though the product has undergone independent testing for effectiveness and safety, its standing has not been officially evaluated by the EPA.  You can buy Kleen Free online here.

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