Bed Bug Related Sites

There are a lot of other web sites you can go to online that can give you another take on bed bugs, or might answer a question you didn't see here. A couple of the ones I've found most useful:

The Bed Bug Resource - This is a nice site with answers to a lot of frequently asked questions, and it's written by a pest control professional.

Harvard's Public Health School - They've got a page up with a lot of basic information about the bugs themselves.

The Bed Bug Registry - This is a "must-visit" site if you're traveling - it's a place that keeps track of all the hotels that have been infested with bed bugs.

Bugged Out - This is another blog about bed bugs, with a lot of updates on news and various ways people have suggested to get rid of them.

The Bedbug Blog - This blog isn't updated often anymore, but it's about the blogger's own recurring bedbug problems (infrequent posting now because they're gone). There are a lot of good tips throughout, so it's worth reading through.

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