Pack Tite Bed Bug Heat Unit

The Bedbug Heat Unit by PackTite, is a device that works specifically to sanitize your luggage, clothing, toys, and other small personal items. The soft-sided unit provides a non-chemical solution to treat delicate items affected by bed bug infestation. The product measures 36 long, 19 wide, and 24 high. To use the PackTite, open its chamber and set contaminated items inside, then plug in the cord. The device will expel 120 to 145 degree waves of heat, providing an unlivable climate for bed bugs. The device comes equipped with various safety features, including a thermometer and automatic timer.

The market price is about $300.00, but many websites offer promotional opportunities, so you can often pick this up for less.


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Does it work?

Because it operates as a preventative sterilizer for small items, the PackTite should only be used as a part of a more intensive treatment plan. It's going to be really hard for you to actually heat up every possible space that they could be hiding in. However, where it really shines is for two things: 1) if you're a frequent traveler, and you want to kill any bed bugs that might be hiding in your luggage; or 2) if you are wanting to move your stuff out of an infested location, and don't want to bring them with you.

One big issue, though: this thing is heating anything you put inside it. So you are going to have to use your own judgment about whether or not it could damage what you stick in there.

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