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Rest Easy is a spray designed mainly for travelers worried about picking up bed bugs and carrying them home. It's an all-natural product that combines a bunch of different ingredients into a mix that is supposed to repel bed bugs: cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, mint oil, and clove oil. I am generally skeptical of "natural remedies" - a lot of them are snake oil. They've had a third party study done of the product, though, showing that it kills bed bugs if they directly come into contact with it, repels them if you let it dry on a surface, but doesn't do anything if you wipe it off.


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So if you want to get a bed bug spray, but are worried about using pesticides, this is a good option. You should know, though, that sprays are not cure-alls. They will not get rid of your infestation. They've got two main uses that are good ideas:

1) Getting some short-term relief by spraying around your bed to repel them and keep them from crawling on you and biting. If you combine this with a mattress cover, you can have a pretty good stop-gap solution until the exterminator comes.

2) Keeping them out of your luggage when you're traveling. Spraying around it, where they'd have to crawl, or even on the luggage itself, can help keep you from bringing some back with you. But again, it's not perfect.

If you're a green-type who doesn't like chemicals, this is worth a shot - but be aware that you are probably going to have to have your house treated with chemicals eventually if you want them permanently gone.

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