Stinger Stopper

Stinger Stopper is an ointment used to treat insect bites, including bed bugs. The product works to relieve symptoms including itching and inflammation, allowing the healing process to occur more rapidly. It's one of a bunch of options you have to try to reduce the pain from the bites, but it's designed specifically for bugs.


Basic Info About Bedbugs

How You Got Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Bites

Signs of Bed Bugs

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How to Treat Bites

Apply a sparing amount of the yellow-colored ointment to insect bites.

Does it work?

Stinger Stopper is patent-pending. There is little information available directly from consumers or manufacturers on its effectiveness.

The market price is about $9.00 a jar, or and some websites offer 3 jars for $25.00.

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