Vaccuming and other efforts at cleaning up your house are something you should do if you have bed bugs - but it is very important to realize that you CANNOT get rid of bed bugs just by cleaning up. 


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Cleaning your house generally will help out, especially the infested rooms. It will give them fewer places to hide and will get rid of a lot of the eggs that could be laying around. It will make it easier for the exterminator to do their work. Here's what you can do:

1) Seal up any holes, pipes, cracks, areas around wires, etc. around your walls. These are common entrance points, especially in apartments or duplexes - caulk is often a good way to block them up.

2) Vacuum everywhere.

3) Clean up any stuff you have laying on the floor. However, I would NOT move it into another room if it came from one where it's infested. You can put it into a sealed plastic bag and move it that way (for example, clothes that you are going to wash), or seal it up and leave it in the same room.

4) Scrub any surfaces. You may want to dismantle furniture to get everywhere they could be hiding - for example, the undersides of furniture or the interior of any drawers or cabinets.

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