Why am I being bitten by bed bugs when my family member isn't?

This is a common question a lot of people have: two people will be living in the exact same place, even sleeping in the same bed, and only one of them has bites. Why?


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Because not everyone is allergic. Everyone reacts to their bites differently - that's why it's often so hard to even tell what is biting you. Some people get rashes, some people have minor bites, and some people don't see anything on their skin whatsoever. In fact, it's actually pretty common for people who are bitten by bed bugs to not see anything at all on their skin. So one person might happily sleep with them and never notice - until their unlucky spouse, who is more allergic, gets in the same bed and finds themselves covered in bumps in the morning.

In short, just because only one person in your house has bites doesn't mean you don't have bed bugs. And it doesn't mean they have some kind of vendetta against you, as opposed to your family members. It just means you live with someone who happens not to have skin reactions to their bites. 

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